Morne Du Toit
Managing Director
17 years extensive experience in the South African Police Service, servicing in different specialized units, vast experience were gained in forensic investigations and protection of human life as well as property, also working at a specialized uniform team and together with special forces on a permanent basis. He also has extensive experience as a hostage negotiator for more than 12 years, primary as well as secondary and are well trained and experienced in the planning and coordinating of specialized units and the auctioning of those and role players involved.
Negotiating for ransom vs. release, defusing on high priority situations (negotiating to tactical) in order to save lives.
Personally and within the SAPS, he has protected countless dignitaries as a primary and within well organised teams, under these were businessmen, statesmen (politicians), local and foreign dignitaries, sports teams and individuals, as well as assets, stationary or in transit, and of many occasion dangerous and political high profile prisoner’s (sentenced and suspects awaiting trial).
After a career in SAPS, he pursued a career as a businessman, starting his own business in 1999, and has been specializing in security & risk management / forensic investigations.
He joined forces with Alwyn Olivier in 1998, who is a anti counterfeit / brand protection expert opening offices and DTI approved counterfeit goods storage facilities in Johannesburg, Pinetown and Cape Town.
  • B Tech: Forensic Investigation Degree (UNISA)
  • National Diploma : Police Administration Diploma (Technikon SA)
  • Criminal Justice & Forensic Auditing (R.A.U.)
  • Money Laundering Certificate (R.A.U.)
  • Hostage and Suicide Negotiator (SAPS & FBI trained as well as training and incident studies by negotiators from Rome / Australia & Switzerland), 12 years active field experience, registration nr – R04256/97
  • Advanced High Speed Driving Courses, BMW as defensive driving and emergency vehicle response techniques, JHB Metro
  • Advanced tactical & SWAT techniques, private / SAPS trained in close protections primary protector/ team protection and planning
  • Intensive interviewing / interrogation as well as forensic investigation experience obtained in SAPS as well as private sector
Alwyn Olivier

Alwyn has 13 years’ experience in the South African Police Services and served in different specialized units. These units include Vehicle Theft Unit, Syndicate Fraud and Commercial Crime Unit. In these units he gained vast experience in the investigating of all major crimes which includes high profile fraud cases and Counterfeit Goods. He is involved in the planning of Undercover Operations, Counterfeit Goods raids and executing of these raids. The last 4 years in Commercial Crime he specialized in Counterfeit Goods cases and West African Organized Crime cases. (4-1-9 Scams).

In 2001 he joins one of the major Attorney firms in South Africa, specializing in Anti- Counterfeiting matters. In this time he was involved in the investigation, identification of some of the major brands.

He decided in 2004 that in order to make the combating of counterfeit in RSA more effective is to leave the company and to start his own business. He then joined forces with Morne du Toit.

  • Police Administration (1994-1997)
  • Commercial Crime Course (2000)
  • Detective Course (1994)
  • Human Rights Course (1996)
Debbie Dickason (Pretorius)
General Manager
She has 20 years’ experience with First National Bank, she has acquired skills from various business areas within First National Bank such as import and Exporting, Vostro and Nostro account reconciliations, Operational Risk, Fraud and Compliance, System support of various business, technical and maintenance issues for FNB’s Front End Dealing System, eTradeline, Icams, FNB Trade Online and eForex.
Worked closely with the International Banking Sales team marketing and presenting eForex, FNB Trade Online and Icams to small, medium and corporation clients, ensuring these clients were trained and supported on how to utilise each electronic platform to its maximum capacity.
2009 was appointed Product Manager for FNB International Banking Front End Channel, the role was to formulate and implement strategies to optimise market penetration with the customer facing applications of FNB International Banking, and focus was on developing innovative customer front end solutions for all identified customer segments. Ensuring that existing applications and solutions were effectively being delivered to the market. She assumed responsibility for end to end effectiveness of channel process, innovations and developments and was responsible for ensuring that channel income and market penetration targets were achieved.
She joined Global Risk Solutions in March 2010, to implement systems and operational procedures in line with the regulations dictated by Department of Trade and Industry with regards to Brand Protection. She is also overseeing HR Management and administration as well as maintaining all client relations held by the company.
  • Courses and Skills Acquired
  • Number Skills
  • Better Business Writing
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Professional Sales Skills
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Exchange Control
  • Customer Relations
  • Foreign Letters of Credit
  • Security, Fraud and Forgeries
  • Money Laundering
  • Analysts Notebook
  • Ibase Database Design
  • PC Skills
  • Operating Systems
  • PC Technologies and Networks/ Internet Concepts
  • Sage Pastel Payroll
  • Sage Pastel Business
Phinnias Banda
Area Manager
13 years experience in Security Industry and 5 year experience in anti counterfeit department. Worked for major security companies such as Group 4 Falck, Omega Risk Solutions as well as current Global Risk    Solutions. Started as Senior Section Leader while employed by Group 4 Falck whereby I was in charge of 22 security guards to make sure they do work as per company procedure. After obtained my driving Licence, I then applied for a position as Senior Supervisor at Omega Risk Solutions at Tweefontein Coal Mine. I was also in charge of other junior supervisors.
I personally and within Omega Risk Solutions, I met with Mr MD Toit who had his own security company and took up employment in G.R.S to work for him  as anti – counterfeit team as well as drive. As part of my experience, in December 2012, we started with one site at Bull brand in Krugersdorp and we kept on expanding and he then promoted me to National Security and Anti Counterfeit Manager.
Obtained my matric in 1999
Studies further for Security grades up to Reaction officer  courses to Grades A
Obtained driving Licence in 2004
Studied Boiler Maker Level 1- 4 as well as Arch Welding in 2009
I now manage Security Managers and interact with Clients. I directly manage contracts through various managers and supervisors and control the Management of G.R.S sites.
While working under Group 4 Falck, the following were under my supervision.
  • Guards to be posted at correct post and doing patrols.
  • Make sure all guards are clean and neat whilst on duty.
  • Site coverage to be reported to Site Manager.
  • All  documents to be handed to Site Manager.
  • While working for Omega Risk Solutions, the following were under my supervision.
  • Site visits according per instructions from managers.
  • To make sure company vehicle stays clean at all times.
  • Guards posted at correct posts.
  • Hourly communications between controllers and myself.
  • Taking in charge of sites especially when managers are on holidays.
Current duties are:
  • Check the overall appearance, if the Security Officers is well.
  • Communication with Site Managers if the Supervisors and Security Guards are all well and perform their duties well.
  • Briefing the Regional Managers to review everything regarding he relevant site/s that requires his attention.
  • Liaise with customers as often possible requirements and try to contact customers and advise him/her of any incidents.
  • Monthly report and to ensure all completed prior to the monthly Security Appraisal Meeting and distributed to the customers or representatives.
  • After hourly visits should consist of the following checks – access procedure, Occurrence book is update.
  • Client meetings
  • Managing warehouse – Booking in and out of counterfeit goods, opening of new files, destroying and make sure all goods are well kept and sealed.